Thursday, May 3, 2012

Too busy to notice?

When you are on a weight-loss journey it is easy to get so busy doing the things that you know you should be doing and to get preoccupied with the number on the scale that you forget to notice the real progress that you are making. I find myself getting caught up in that number on the scale all too often. Only doing the things that I think will make that number smaller. I have to stop and remember that this is about getting healthy, not about getting skinny. I have found one thing that helps me in a huge way with that. I decided to buy myself inspiration clothes. Something that I like, that is just a little too small (not too small or it will get depressing waiting forever to get into it). Last week I got into my first purchase, a pair of jeans. It is truly amazing, the changes that take place in your body while you are too busy looking at the scale. In all honesty, I'm not losing that much weight but I am getting smaller. I can run longer and faster. I can lift more weight and do more reps. I am getting stronger, I am getting healthier. If I keep looking at the scale, those facts get lost. I'm not going to quit weighing in but there is also already a new pair of shorts hanging in my room. Just waiting for my big butt to fit in them.
Mama’s Losin’ It

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can time fly?

I seriously thought that it had only been a few weeks since I had posted......Instead it's been two months. Seriously? It doesn't seem possible. Where have I been? Apparently with my head stuck in a hole. I have one GOOD excuse though. PROM!!!! My first ever experience with Prom and I mean that literally. I was already dating my husband in 11th grade and he didn't want to go, so I wouldn't. By the time Prom came around my 12th grade year I was married and had just found out I was pregnant. I didn't really feel like going to Prom. It's one of those things that you always wonder about. So when my 17 year old daughter said she didn't think she wanted to go to Prom, I took away her choice. She was going. Like it or not. I know some may think that was the wrong thing to do but like it or hate it, it was an experience I wanted her to have. If she doesn't want to go next year that is fine but it's one "what if" I could keep her from living with. The chaos of preparing for it was out of this world though. Trust me, the dress up part, she thoroughly enjoyed. I have to say, I enjoyed it too. It wasn't her cup of tea but she had a good time. I love how mature she is, I really do but sometimes I wish she could just be a teenager.
We took a lot of pictures but this seems to be everyone's favorite. I was standing there talking to some of the other parents and the lady beside me said "You have to get a picture of this". This will be a memory that we all keep forever.