Monday, December 7, 2009

Where do I begin?

Just when you think life is about to calm down - - - LOOK OUT!! I thought with the kids getting back to school that our lives would get back to some type of routine but I couldn't have been more wrong. So where do I begin? Audrey sprained her ankle a few days before school started but they couldn't tell for a few days whether it was sprained or broken. It took a lot of phone calls and a few visits to figure it out and she had to start the school year on crutches (and we're talking her freshman year of High School). It wasn't broke though and the school worked with her on the whole situation of getting around on crutches so it worked out okay. Less than 2 weeks later Jo wrecked on his bike and injured his spleen so again I had to go through the process of waiting on test results to find out how serious it was. Luckily it wasn't ruptured, only bruised but we are still talking weeks of pain and a week out of school. Then just a few weeks later the boys all got the flu. They tested positive for FluA but their doctor didn't do the further testing to find out if it was swine flu or not because it made no difference in the way it would be treated. (This made me wonder about their statistics on swine flu but Oh Well!) They all got Tamiflu and breathing treatments to keep it from setting into their lungs. Four days later they were all feeling fine but of course I had to keep them home for 10 days to spare the rest of the world. Then there was, of course, more drama with Mike's family and Halloween and Thanksgiving thrown in for a little good measure. Sometimes I honestly don't know how I survive but I am still standing, not counting on any calm but still standing. I'm going to try to make the time to post, hoping that it will help me out some. With this crazy life that I live though I'm not counting on anything. Now I'm going to find out how all of your lives have been while I have been wrapped up in my own. Hope everyone has been a little less crazy than me!!