Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Guys and their toys!

I have the proof!!! Guys do not have to be taught to be territorial over their "toys". So what do they do when you threaten their "toys"? Apparently my youngest sleeps on top of it to protect it.
The story: He had pushed this truck, that he bought with his birthday money, all over the house, he had woke up his daddy a few times(and this is not easy to do) and he had pretty much driven me crazy with it. So I threatened to put it outside for him to play with when it gets warmer. So now he is in full on protect mode. He is not letting the thing out of his sight and even tried to sleep on it that first night. Now of course I could take it from him or even sneak it away while he is sleeping but I am having so much fun watching him "protect" his toy. I can just hear his future wife saying "God what did your mom do to you – she ruined you!" So as much as they try to blame their mothers for everything, sorry but I have proof this is one thing you can't blame your mom for guys – apparently it's in your genes. Don't worry we love ya anyway!!!!!!!!!