Saturday, April 21, 2007

MRI's, Kittens and Bears! Oh My!!

Have a few different things to mention so where to start….. Audrey made it through her MRI with flying colors. They did have to redo the last set because her knee started twitching but that was no big deal. She did really well, way better than I thought she would considering how nervous she was. Now we just have to wait to hear the results from the surgeon next week. I've quit worrying about it and left it all up to God. What will be, will be.
On to other things….Apparently we had a bear last night, the first sighting of the season. He tried his best to get inside the Blazer, not sure why though because it has been setting there for months in need of being fixed (now that's a whole other story). The picture is not great; if you actually see it you can see where he pushed his nose up against the glass.

A short update on the kittens too. They are getting so big and are all over the place. Most of them are using the litter box already and a few are starting to try to eat. It's going to be hard to get rid of any of them let along all of them. Mike says though (and anyone who knows us well will know what a big deal this is) that HE is getting ME a dog. I am by heart a dog person, I love them and would love to have one now that all the kids will be in school but……. I CANNOT house train a dog. I have tried so many times and it never works for me. My guess would be that it is my laziness but I'm hoping that if he gets the dog for me that I will try a little harder. We'll see I guess, if he even gets it lol.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OCD:Who knew?

Actually, he called it an OCD lesion. It stands for something fancy that I can't remember. I just found the diagnosis a bit amusing because I am always telling her she is a little crazy. LOL
For those of you who know me well this part will be redundant but oh well. Sorry about that.
Audrey had a severe infection in her leg about a year and a half ago. It was called cellulitis (which is a fancy word for an infection just underneath the skin surface) and turned out to be a staff infection. She was in the hospital for 3 days, couldn't walk for a few weeks and was on crutches for a little over a month. You would have had to see the leg to understand how bad it was; it ended up being about 3 times its normal size. They finally had to make an incision and drain the leg to get it to heal and she ended up having to have the roots of her big toenail cut out on that foot to clear up the infection there. She has had trouble with the knee on that leg ever since but the swelling and pain would come and go. Getting her to the doctor while it was actually swollen and hurting was very difficult. It took about a year but I finally managed to get him to see that there was a problem. He did x-rays and they came back with a report of being fine. So he had her wear a brace for a while and it has helped but as soon as she doesn't wear it we are back to square one.
Now to the present, He decided there was nothing else he could do so he referred her to a specialist. We go in, he glances at the x-rays, asks a few questions, checks her knee out a little and says he really doesn't see anything. I think Oh Great!!! So I just start talking and telling him every little thing I can think of about how it affects her, what hurts her and what doesn't and apparently he had a "light bulb" moment. He started checking her knee in a different way and looking for certain things and then went to actually look at the x-rays. Sure enough there it is big as day, how the person that read them didn't see it the doctor can't seem to fathom. She has a "pothole" of cartilage gone on the back side of her knee cap. Now whether it is from the infection or she injured it and didn't know it or it is going to be some type of disorder she has we do not know and may never know.
She goes for an MRI Friday to see just how bad it really is and we will go from there with her treatment but there is a possibility that she will have to have surgery. It has taken me a week to be able to set down and write about it because it upsets me to think about it. She is still young enough that it may be able to heal itself but we will have to see. She is really anxious about the MRI and will be truly crushed if she can not play volleyball when the season starts next year. I am trusting in God that everything will be okay though and even if she has to have surgery and can't do the things that she loves I know that God has a reason for it. Everyone just keep her in your thoughts and prayers.