Thursday, March 29, 2007

We have.....kittens.

So, I took in another cat, oh about 6 months ago. This really wasn't that big of a deal because all of our other cats had started disappearing. I tried to keep her in the house all the time, in case coyotes were about, but she got outside once – JUST ONCE!!! Now I have 7 cats!!!!!! The kittens are beautiful but if you know anyone that wants one let me know, yes I'm serious. They are truly adorable but why does my cat have to be the rare one that has more than 4 kittens at once.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

True Love

To be able to see true love is a rare thing. It is usually something that is only felt and that is very hard to let somebody see. When that love can be felt by so many people and can actually be tangibly seen, it is truly amazing. That happened today at Cornerstone FWB Church. An amazing man died a few days ago and the love that this church had for him and has for each other was not only felt but also seen by everyone that entered that church today. I knew already that this church was an amazing place to be, even though we haven't been there for long, but the power and the love that they showed today was truly amazing. Only God can create this kind of love but the people also have to be in his will and willing before he can bestow it.
I would not be comfortable trying to explain how great a person he was because I would not want to diminish what he meant to all of those that he was so close to. I cannot know how much he meant to them but I can imagine and I feel that they are the ones that have the right to talk about what a great man he was. I can however say that from the minute you met Jesse you knew that God was the most important thing in his life. I know that the class that he was part of and which held by-far the closest place in his heart is in my prayers, as they are in the prayers of everyone at the church. This church is an amazing FAMILY to be a part of.