My Bucket List

There are so many things that I want to do with the life that God has given me. Being a wife and mother has been a great part of that but I am coming to a point in my life where that part is not going to take as much of my time. It's time to start really thinking about the other things I want to accomplish. To dream about the things I want to do and be before I die. Like trying Ice Skating. Completing the Couch to 5k program and then Running an actual 5k race and in the process Getting to my Goal Weight. Making a living will. Singing with Mom in Church. Visiting a Real Museum. Taking a Ride in an Airplane. Teaching someone else to Crochet. Going to College and Getting a Degree. Taking a Cruise. Having a complete Spa day at an official Spa. Going to New York. Taking a trip on a train. Hiking the Appalachian Trail (in sections, of course). Visiting all 50 states.