Sunday, October 15, 2006

My heart is broken

We had to walk away from our church. The church where I was raised. The church where we were married. The church that at one point meant everything to us. I don't understand why things happen like they do but I'm sure God has a new plan for us. How people can be so cruel and why others can be so oblivious to their cruelty is beyond my understanding. I hope this will bring some closure to this troubled part of our lives, finally. Hopefully she will now drop it all and just let us live in peace. That is what we want. Seperation from all of the trouble and drama, that is how this whole thing got started with us asking to just be left alone. So now we leave everything that we have known in order to get that peace. I hope this works, we know it is God's will so at some point it will all be okay.

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sometimes you've got to wonder.....?

Sometimes you've got to wonder if people are really as oblivious as they seem to the ways that they affect other people. Do you really not know that the things you say can hurt other people, make them feel unloved or even change their lives forever? I know that I was raised to understand that my words not just my actions had consequences. As Christians we are not suppose to push people further down, we are suppose to lift them up!! How do so many Christians miss this part of God's teachings? Yet still wonder why Christians have such a bad reputation and why they can't get people to come to church. They are ruining not only their witness but also the witness of those they are talking about. Truth or lies, you have still made the person you were talking to have doubts about the person you were talking about. Another thing, does anyone really still believe that around here you can talk about someone without it getting back to them? Please tell me you aren't that stupid. Ohh…. You wanted me to know didn't you? Now that makes sense. Well congrats!! It worked. If I had any doubts that I was doing the wrong thing they are now gone. Thank You for making me see clearly. Love is the center of all of God's teachings. We must love one another; you accuse us of not having love in our hearts but tell me WHERE IS YOUR LOVE?? Do you really have any idea what happened? No, you know one side of it, the side you have chosen to accept as the gospel. You don't know the history or the circumstances; you don't know the reasoning behind what we did. Why don't you? We kept our mouths shut, as everyone involved should have. When you have things to cover up though you need to make sure your side is heard and believed. You need to make sure that the other side is not believed if it ever does come out. Are you not mature enough as Christians to see that trap, to see when you are being manipulated or to feel the spirit of God? It truly breaks my heart to know that something I have worked so hard at all of my life can be taken away so easily. Sometimes you've got to wonder if people really even care.