Friday, January 12, 2007

One of the possible rants I mentioned.

I am apparently experiencing a huge pet peeve moment today. It has bothered me for a while but it is eating at me today. How do people become so rude and crude? What has happen to our feelings of loyalty and our commitment to family and friends? Admittedly I am not anywhere close to perfect, I am horrible with people but it is because I am so bashful not because I have no morals. Yes, I have made my mistakes and had my moments where my judgment lapsed but not on a daily basis. How do you turn your back on people that you have claimed to love and treat them with complete disrespect? How do you look at someone that you know is hurting or in need and not care? Is there no decency left in your heart? I understand if a person has hurt you or put you in a place you didn't need to be repeatedly that you may need to cut them out of your life but you can do that without running your mouth or just flat out being disrespectful (trust me I've had to do it). If they were truly in need though I would still be there for them. Why do we have to be so critical of each other? There are things that I understand it may be hard to live with but we are so quick anymore to say that we can't live with someone over the pettiest things. So quick to say I hate that person because they do this or that. When really those are not that big of a deal and we know it. Why can't we just give each other a little leniency and a little respect? Is it really that difficult to just turn the other cheek and let it go? It isn't that hard, it is possible; we are just all so selfish and self-involved that we don't feel the need to. As a last note there is one more thing worth saying, you can kill love but it is not as easy as some people like to pretend. You can not just turn it off, it's still in there and everyone knows it and every mean thing you do just proves it!!!!