Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Family

I figured the only place to start one of these things was with what matters most to me. Thus the title, My Family. I've been married for almost 14 yrs. and have 4 great kids, yes I said 4. Their ages right now are 11,8,7 and 4. So as you've already guessed my world pretty much revolves around them (but don't tell them that). I am a SAHM and before you all laugh it is a full time job and I treat it that way. Although I do have my lazy days - but so do you, I just can't get fired for it. My husband is a coal miner and loves what he does, it quickly becomes a way of life and not just a job. He has 5 siblings and I have 3 so we have a lot to deal with. Too much drama for this Anti-Drama Queen. I like my life nice and quiet although it never seems to be that way. So thats the basics, you'll get more with time. If I get any time.