Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We are Wonder Woman!

I am not as beautiful as Aphrodite or as wise as Athena. I am not swifter than Hermes or stronger than Hercules. I am not 5’11” and 150 pounds and I don’t have beautiful black hair and blue eyes. I don’t own unbreakable silver bracelets (or any unbreakable jewelry for that matter) or a Lasso of truth. Still I am Wonder Woman. We are all Wonder Woman. We all do things that normal women would not tempt and that men think are ridiculous. We would, and some have, put our lives on the line for those that we love. We are unbelievably strong and courageous, undeniably patient and undyingly loyal. We are all things to all people. We are available at each and every beckoning call. We can summon the answer to most any problem whether it comes during the day or night. We can go days without sleep if needed, we can survive on almost nothing to eat in order to feed others and we can turn any house into a home. We are not however invincible. We feel, we hurt, we cry, we have compassion and we make mistakes. Sometimes we falter but it is then that our fellow heroes pick us up. Together we create an unbelievable force. A force that if relied upon and trusted is unbreakable. We are MOMS!

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